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St. Paul's YouTube Channel


Christmas Services

Christmas Eve Morning Service

Shepherd's Christmas

We hope this service will put the coming of Christ into proper perspective, to understand that He didn't come because everything was perfect, but because everything was not perfect.

Sunday School Special Christmas Story

We hope you enjoy this puppet production of the telling of the Christmas Story by the Church Staff (Sue, Tina & Lisa). Merry Christmas!


Links to Pastor's Worship Services on
Sunday mornings (and other)

01-13-21...01-17-21 Evangelism

01-06-21...01-10-21 Baptism
01-09-21 Joe Klug Funeral Service
12-30-20...01-03-21 The New Year
12-16-20...12-20-20 The House of God
12-09-20...12-13-20 Motivation for the Son of God Becoming Jesus
12-02-20...12-06-20 Prepare the Way of the Lord!
11-29-20 First Sunday In Advent. Hope in the Midst of Darkness
11-26-20 Thanksgiving Story
11-18-20...11-22-20 Stewardship
11-11-20...11-15-20 Veterans Day
11-04-20...11-08-12 The End of the World
10-29-20...11-01-20 All Saints Day
10-21-20...10-25-20 Reformation
10-14-20...10-18-20 What isn't God's?
10-07-20...10-11-20 The Comfort from Heaven
09-30-20...10-04-20 Living in Baptismal Waters

09-23-20...09-27-20 Being Who God Made You To Be
09-16-20...09-20-20 Knowing the Mind of God
09-09-20...09-13-20 Accepting People as They Are
09-03-20...09-06-20 Being a Child of God
08-26-20...08-30-20 Living in Christ
08-19-20...08-23-20 Being Part of the Rock that is Christ
08-12-20...08-16-20 God Welcomes the Outcast (sermon only)
08-05-20...08-09-20 How God Speaks to the World
07-29-20...08-02-20 How God Feeds our Souls
07-22-20...07-26-20 Guiding People to the Kingdom of God
07-15-20...07-19-20 Finding the Silver Linings in the Dark Clouds
07-08-20...07-12-20 The Power of God's Word Changes our Hearts 
07-01-20...07-05-20 Trying to Understand Our Struggle with Sin
06-24-20...06-28-20 How Jesus brings division not peace 
06-17-20...06-21.20 Worship - Reopening
06-14-20 The beauty of the world reflected in God
06-07-20 Trinity Sunday
05-31-20 Pentecost
05-27-20 Confirmation Service and Oral Presentations
05-25-20 Memorial Day Devotion
05-24-20 Armed Forces Service
05-17-20 Ascension Service
05-10-20 Mother's Day
05-03-20 4th Sunday of Easter
04-26-20 How to Live a Christian Life
04-19-20 God's Intervention in Our Lives
04-12-20 PART 1 Easter Service
04-12-20 PART 2 Easter Service
04-10-20 Good Friday
04-05-20 PALM SUNDAY
03-29-20 Flesh vs Spirit    
03-22-20 4th Sunday in Lent
03-18-20 Bob Liljequist Funeral Service


Links to Promo Videos

06-02-20 Communion Demo
05-27-20 Pentecost Promo
05-25-20 Memorial Day Devotion
05-12-20 Ascension Day Promo
05-05-20 Mother's Day Promo
04-30-20 Streaming Problems with Pastor Tom


Links to Pastor's Bible Study on
Sunday Mornings

04-26-20 The Sovereignty of God
04-19-20 The Theology of the Cross - The Lutheran Perspective


Links to Pastor's Bible Study on
Tuesday Mornings

06-02-20 Galatians continued
05-26-20 Galatians
05-19-20 2 Timothy 4 part 2
05-12-20 2 Timothy 4
05-05-20 Romans 12 Love Conquers Hate
04-28-20 Romans 12 part 2
04-14-20 How Jesus Pays for Our Sins and His Descent into Hell,  based on the Apostles Creed
03-31-20 This Too Will End


Links to Pastor's Storytelling on
Wednesday Mornings

04-29-20 Jack and the Beanstalk
04-22-20 The Story of Jonah
04-15-20 Regret and How God Answers Prayer
04-08-20 Our Current Situation
04-01-20 Nature and the Impact of the Church


Links to Pastor's Bible Study
"Brothers on Brothers" on
Thursday Mornings

01-14-21 Paul Preaches in Athens

01-07-21 Acts 17 Spreading the Gospel
12-17-20 Paul Continues His Missionary Journeys

12-10-20 Acts 16 After the Council of Jerusalem
12-03-20 Council of Jerusalem
11-19-20 Acts 15 Facing a Major Issue
11-12-20 Finishing the 14th Chapter of Acts
11-05-20 Paul's 1st Missionary Journey Continues
10-29-20 Paul's Sermon in Acts 13
10-22-20 Paul's First Missionary Journey 
10-15-20 Death of Herod
10-08-20 The Death of James
10-01-20 Turing Point in the Early Church as the Gentiles Join 
09-23-20 The Beginning of Bacon Day
09-17-20 The Conversion of Paul (continued)
09-10-20 (no recording)
09-03-20 The Conversion of Paul
08-27-20 Acts 8 - Work of Phillip 
08-19-20 Acts 8 - questions of baptism and the work of the Holy Spirit in the proclamation of the Gospel. 
08-12-20 Acts 8  - the Stoning of Stephen
08-07-20 Acts Chapter 7 - Words of Stephen
07-30-20 Acts Chapter 6 - Pastor - Parishoner Relationship
07-23-20 Acts Chapter 5 - Apostles Confronted by Sanheedrin
07-09-20 Finishing the 4th Chapter of Acts
07-02-20 Taking a look at the heart of Acts - Chapter 4
06-25-20 Acts (con't) 
06-11-20 Acts (con't) 
06-04-20 Acts (con't)
05-28-20 Acts 2 Pentecost
05-21-20 Ascension of Jesus
05-07-20 Joseph and His Brothers
04-30-20 Joseph and His Brothers, John, James, Peter & Andrew
04-23-20 Joseph and His Brothers
04-09-20 Jacob and Esau
04-02-20 Cain and Abel


Links to "Lakeshore Region"
Pastors Bible Study on
Thursday Evenings

10-08-20 Jonah: What God Wanted Him to Learn
09-24-20 (no recording)  How God brought Jonah back to his calling
09-10-20 What To Do When God Has a Job for You


Links to Virtual Sunday School
Stories - Songs - Crafts
For K thru 5th grades
Sunday Mornings

01-17-21 Jesus 12 yrs old

12-25-20 Sunday School Special Christmas Story
12-20-20 Advent 4th week - The Christmas Story (Wisemen)
12-13-20 Advent 3rd week - The Christmas Story (Shepherds)
12-06-20 Advent 2nd week - The Candy Cane - Fruit of the Spirit: PATIENCE
11-29-20 Advent 1st week
11-22-20 Thanksgiving
11-15-20 Jonah & Whale
11-08-20 Daniel & the Lions Den
11-01-20 David & Goliath - Fruit of the Spirit: PEACE
10-25-20 Moses & the 10C's
10-18-20 Baby Moses
10-11-20 Joseph's Coat
10-04-20 Noah's Ark - Fruit of the Spirit: JOY
09-27-20 Adam and Eve
09-20-20 Creation
09-13-20 Welcome Back to Sunday School - Fruit of Spirit: LOVE


Links to Mrs M's Bible Mini's
Stories - Songs - Crafts
For Pre-K thru 2nd
Saturday Mornings

05-30-20 God made us all unique - Be who you are!
05-23-20 Memorial Day and how Jesus sacrificed for us
05-16-20 Noah and his own quarantine
05-09-20 The Lord's Prayer
05-02-20 Jesus is the Light
04-25-20 Jesus Loves Children
04-18-20 Creation / Earth Day


Holy Week Worship Services

Palm Sunday, April 5 
     Palm Sunday Worship Service

Maundy Thursday, April 9
    Maundy Thursday Worship Service Video
    Maundy Thursday Order of Service to Follow

Good Friday, April 10
     Good Friday Worship Service

Easter Sunday, April 12

Holy Week Devotions

Easter Version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah on YouTube




CalendarsNewslettersSchedulesArchivesContact usHome

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