If you desire information about St. Paul's, 
wish to be on the Church mailing list, 
desire a Pastoral visit, want to inform us of sickness 
or hospitalization, have ideas on how 
to improve our website, etc.,
please let us know:

Church Phone: 716.992.9112
Church e-mail: splc@stpaulseden.com

Rev. Thomas Lutz

Emergencies: 716.818.9860
e-mail: pastorlutz@stpaulseden.com

Sue Hoover

Director of Ministries (DM)
e-mail: shhoover@stpaulseden.com

Tina Rigley

Associate Director of Ministries (ADM1)
e-mail: tmrigley@stpaulseden.com


Lisa Hoover-Beller
Assistant Director of Ministries (ADM2)
e-mail: lhbeller@stpaulseden.com


Stacey Callinan
Music Director
e-mail: scallinan@stpaulseden.com