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St. Paul's Lutheran Church

3487 North Boston Rd, Eden, New York 14057

Our Vision

To reach out to all people everywhere with the transforming Word of God.

Our Mission Statement

St. Paul's Lutheran Church is a Christian Fellowship growing in the understanding of God’s Word and love, preparing people for Christian witness and service.

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Worship Online

We are live streaming our worship services via FaceBook on Sunday mornings at 10 am.

Please see the links below to watch a recorderd version on YouTube.



Special Services

03-18-2020 Bob Liljequist Funeral Service



Easter Lilies 

Let's fill our altar with lilies for Easter Sunday!

On Easter Sunday, April 12, the chancel will be decorated with white Easter lilies. All who wish to place lilies in Church are welcome to do so.  Flowers may be ordered through Agle’s Farm Market (992.4290) and will be delivered directly to church. 


Please contact Lisa Hoover-Beller (leave a message at church 992.9112) if you are placing a lily on the altar. We will need information for the monthly newsletter as to whether the plants are given in memory or honor of a loved one - or to the glory of God. Lily plants may be taken home after the "live" worship service, by appointment only. Please contact Lisa (call church 992.9112) to coordinate pickup. 



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