Stephen Ministry is

“Christ Caring for People

through People.”

Through confidential,

one-to-one Christian care,

individuals in our congregation

and the community

can receive the love and care they need

to support them

during their difficult times.



Pastor Lutz 992.9112

Sue Hoover 992.9112  

Betty Gabel 337.3972 

Sandee Brown 627.7233

Carolyn Liljequist 992.4866

Tina Rigley 992.9112


Stephen Ministry is a ministry in our congregation 

in which trained and supervised lay persons, 

called Stephen Ministers, 

provide one-to-one Christian care to individuals 

facing life challenges or difficulties.


     Stephen Ministers are caring Christian friends 

who listen, understand, accept, and pray for 

and with care receivers who are working 

through a crisis or a tough time.


     The name “Stephen” comes from St. Stephen, 

who was the first lay person commissioned 

by the apostles to provide caring ministry to those 

in need as recorded in Acts 6.


     Pastors will always be the primary caregivers, 

but there is no way pastors can meet all the needs for care. 

God has called all of us, not just pastors, 

to minister to one another.

Stephen Ministry multiplies ministry 

by turning pastors into equippers, 

so they can enable lay people to 

provide caring ministry as well.


     Stephen Ministry has been around since 1975, 

when Kenneth Haugk, 

a pastor and clinical psychologist,

began it to multiply the caregiving 

in his congregation in St. Louis, Missouri. 

There are more than 7,000 Stephen Ministry congregations 

from more than 90 denominations.


SOMETHING BIG: As a Stephen Ministry congregation, St. Paul’s is part of a big network of care. There are thousands of Stephen Ministry congregations representing more than 90 Christian denominations across the U.S. , Canada , and the world. The Stephen Ministries headquarters is based in St. Louis , Missouri , and can connect our Stephen Leaders with Stephen Ministry congregations virtually everywhere in the country. So if you have a relative or friend far away who is need of care, talk to one of our Stephen Leaders (Betty Gabel, 337.3972 or Sue Hoover, 649.7529). They may be able to connect your friend to a Stephen Ministry congregation in his or her own neighborhood.

LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU . . . In John 15:12, Jesus says, “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” Loving and caring for one another is not just the pastor’s job – it’s something Jesus calls us all to do! Stephen Ministry is a ministry in which people with special gifts for caring ministry can put those gifts to use in an organized way, bringing Jesus’ love and care to those who most need it. If you would like to become a Stephen Minister – or would like more information on Stephen Ministry - please call one of our Stephen Ministry Leaders: Betty Gabel (337.3972) or Sue Hoover (649.7529).

FEELING DOWN? Our Stephen Ministers can help. Stephen Ministers aren’t just there for “big” crisis. They’re also available for little ones, because many times the little things can really add up. So don’t wait until you have a big crisis, consider Stephen Ministry if the little things have you down.

ALL ALONE? Don’t be. God doesn’t want us to be all alone. He wants us to turn to others when things are bothering us. Stephen Ministers will walk with you through your troubles and be there for you when you need them.

WHAT IS A STEPHEN MINISTER? Someone: Who cares, Who supports, Who listens, Who shares - To become a Stephen Minister or to learn more about Stephen Ministry , please contact one of our Stephen Leaders: Betty Gabel (337.3972) or Sue Hoover (992.9112)


You discovered me, a shriveled-up stalk in a  flowerpot, square in the middle of a brick room of my own making. It had taken many years to create that room, one brick at a time, cemented with experience, and I was proud of it.

You entered my room, and with unconditional acceptance started chipping away, ever so delicately, here, then there, at the bricks and mortar. I was afraid the debris might injure me, so I hid.

Searching, you found me, and hugged me. Much to my surprise, I hugged back. A piece of mortar fell, allowing a tiny ray of sunlight in. I blinked, for the light was very bright and I had been in darkness for so long.

Another brick fell, then another, and yet another, letting in more and more light. I was fearful of becoming burned, and retreated quickly to the darkest corner I could find in my room.

You followed, putting your arm around me, sitting beside me, and said that you loved me. Those words flowed as a cool stream of fresh mountain water; my stalk became green, and a small leaf emerged.

Through the now-considerable hole in my room came words I had thought never to hear again, for they were not deserved. "God loves you." "What, me? No way," I thought. "Yes, you," your words and very actions repeated persistently.

You encouraged me to look around at the scenery outside. I was hesitant, but you said, "Try it." A wall fell down; another wall started to crumble. I was terrified, trembling at the destruction, and you prayed, holding me tight.

My room collapsed completely. You pulled me out so I wouldn't be crushed; affirming, praying, hugging, laughing and loving the entire way. But I wasn't very grateful, and complained because I had been uprooted from everything I knew.

I started to tip over in my dejection, and you righted me. You said, "Take a look around, for you are in the Lord's garden and sitting in His Sonshine." I still felt uncomfortable without my room, and asked, "Why does a stick need all this anyway?"

"Take a look at yourself," was your reply. To my astonishment, I discovered the twisted and withered brown stick was gone. I had become a small but gorgeous rosebush, covered with green leaves and a rosebud just beginning to form.

I was elated at this change, for I had never perceived such a possibility. I said, "I need to let everyone see these buds and all this growth, for this is not of my doing!" And you smiled, nodded your head, and said, "Yes."

Vicki Becker, Stephen Ministry

A Time to Weep, A Time to Rejoice, A Time to Care, Volume I